Yizkor Memorial Book

Yizkor, which means “to remember” is a service recited four times a year including Yom Kippur.

Its primary purpose is to honor the deceased. There is a Jewish tradition of giving charity in their memory, on the theory that the good deeds of the survivors elevate the souls of the departed. In this spirit, The Temple publishes a Yizkor Memorial Book, listing those who are remembered by congregants. In addition, the lights on all the memorial tablets in the synagogue are turned on.

We invite you to include the names of your dearly departed in Temple’s Yizkor Memorial Book.

Because the Hebrew letters which compose the word for ‘life’ have the numerical value of 18, Temple encourages donations of $18/name.

Donations of every size are appreciated.

Donations can be paid on-line, or by check or cash.

Please direct any questions to glansky@TheTempleJacksonville.org

Click Here to download the 2018 Yizkor Memorial Listing for reference.

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