Congregation Ahavath Chesed

We do things better when we do them together!

The Temple is the center of Reform Judaism here in Northeast Florida. It is our mission through worship, study and personal expression….to encourage a sense of connectedness with God, Israel and the Jewish people, its history and culture, the application of the Torah as a guide for daily living, and dedication to social justice.

Chartered in 1882, our congregation is firmly rooted in tradition yet focuses clearly on the present and future of Judaism. We value active participation in Jewish life. True to our name, we are “lovers of mercy” (Ahavath Chesed) and work collectively to help make the world a better place through acts of compassion and loving kindness – starting right here in the Jacksonville community.  

As Reform Jews, we are committed to the principle of inclusion. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of age, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation or financial means. We extend a special invitation to interfaith families who seek to share in the values and practice of Judaism.

Learn more about our specific programs and events by attending a service, participating in a program, or reading more here on our website. We want you to feel welcome in the midst of our diverse religious, educational and social activities.

We invite you to become a part of our Temple family.  Shalom!

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Temple by the Numbers

  • 130+ YEARS  Formally chartered in 1882, our congregation is the oldest house of worship in Jacksonville and second oldest synagogue in Florida. Through our strong archival program we collect a wide range of media, including books, manuscript materials, photographs, audiotape, videotape and three-dimensional and multimedia materials as they relate to our history, present and future. Through its activities, the Archives serve as a bridge from our Jewish past to our Jewish future. The Historical Society of Jacksonville and others use our Archives as their primary source for the Jewish history of the First Coast.
  • 550+ FAMILIES  We draw membership from all over North Florida including a majority of members who reside in the Mandarin / Southside communities of Jacksonville.
  • 150+ STUDENTS  Each week during the school year students attend classes ranging from basic Hebrew and Torah lessons all the way to Israeli cooking and cultural classes.
  • 1,000+ ADULTS  Participate in our Lifelong Learning programs that run year round.
  • 18,000+ BOOKS  We are proud to house the Wurn Family Library – the largest synagogue library in the Southeast – where we happily offer reading enjoyment and information for everyone.
  • COUNTLESS HOURS  “Kindness” is the most common and simplest English translation of “chesed” – and we the members of Congregation Ahavath Chesed share kindness in many different ways every day of the year. Whether through our ongoing development of the Community Gardens, Caring Congregation initiatives, blood drives, Holiday Shopping Spree for area foster children and more, our members share their time and talents throughout the community to benefit those in need. Each year we highlight our service to the community by celebrating “Mitzvah Day” when 200+ Temple volunteers fan out across Jacksonville to work on projects at 6 different locations including the Sulzbacher Center, community parks, the University of North Florida and more.