Judaism, Liturgy and Scripture


10 Jewish Questions is designed to expose Jews and non-Jews alike to a Judaism that is relevant, impactful and livable. Learners will develop understanding and deepen their Jewish knowledge while meeting others who, whether they are Jewish or not, want to experience Judaism as an opportunity to inquire, examine and think as adults. 10 Jewish Questions is for everyone seeking to delve deeply into Jewish values, history, and traditions. If you didn’t go to religious school, or if you did and you still have questions you never asked or have never explored as an adult, this is your chance! Jewish learning for adults can be some of the richest and most enduring that Judaism can offer.

The 10-week program is taught by Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar, our Senior Rabbi. Jews and non-Jews are welcome to attend. Those who are following a path toward conversion with Rabbi Bahar are strongly encouraged to enroll in the class. Tuition is $180 for Temple members and $360 for non-members. Payment plans are available. The next class will begin in March. Call the Temple office (904-733-7078) and speak with Mary Ellen Hathaway, Executive Administrative Coordinator.


People are said to have “wisdom” if they make good judgments and decisions based on accumulated knowledge and experience gained over time. So Wisdom is the perfect name for the weekly gathering of Temple members to discuss a variety of topics ranging from issues affecting Israel to current affairs to what Reform Jews do and don’t believe, and everything in between. The group has been meeting for over twenty years but its basic concept of sharing knowledge and experiences – and strong opinions – has never changed. Wisdom is not Torah Study, but the teachings from Torah and other learned Jewish texts are often referenced. Wisdom is often described as current events through a Jewish lens. Discussions are lively and interesting, especially when the discussion leader provides the “Jewish perspective”. Often the discussions head off in unexpected directions, making it an even better and more interesting experience.

This mix of men and women, who have come from various places around the country have different backgrounds and careers, different political viewpoints, different levels and types of education. It is that diversity which makes the group discussions interesting. All are eager to share opinions, experiences, and feelings, sometimes passionately. But, don’t be frightened away. There is no intimidation or disrespect.
Wisdom meets every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. This group focuses its discussion on contemporary issues viewed through a Jewish lens. Share some wisdom, gain some wisdom….everyone is welcome.


Join the clergy to explore and discuss the weekly Torah portion and the haftarah. Torah Study meets each Saturday morning from 9:00 am – 10:00 am. A light breakfast is served starting at 8:45 am. Saturday morning Shabbat services begin at 10:30 am. No prior knowledge is expected.