The Temple fulfills many important needs in the lives of our members — from ritual and spiritual guidance, Jewish education, the celebration of life-cycle events, and sometimes comfort in difficult and stressful situations. Our staff does everything they can to help meet those needs.
Our clergy and staff support and positively represent the overall mission of Congregation Ahavath Chesed. All congregants are treated with courtesy and the utmost confidentiality. If need be, a member may be referred to the appropriate representative of the synagogue who can help that congregant with his or her issue.
They understand that the growth, nurturing and future development of our synagogue is dependent in part on their actions as ambassadors on our behalf and on behalf of the principles taught and practiced by the Jewish faith. When you call the office, any one of our capable and competent staff is willing to help you – just ask!
Elizabeth Bahar, Senior Rabbi
Goldie Lansky, Executive Director
Michelle Penson, Director of Religious School
Aliya Bass, Accounting Specialist
Ellen Berson, Development & Program Manager
Margaret Gunville, Accounts Receivable Clerk
Mary Ellen Hathaway, Administrative Assistant
Kimberly Janis, Administrative Assistant
Kelley Madden, Executive Assistant Coordinator
Robert Goodman, Adjunct Rabbi
Jim Goodell, Music Director