Mitzvah Days

Ask most Jews what the word mitzvah means and you will often be told “good deed.” In reality, mitzvah means “commandment.” A good deed implies a voluntary act. A commandment is an obligatory one.

We encourage our Temple family to perform mitzvot (the plural of mitzvah) each and every day. At least, once each year, we dedicate a day to performing acts of loving kindness as a Temple family. This program is a family program. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children. No children?…adults are welcome too!

December 25 we are very busy, too. We prepare, package and deliver more than 500 Christmas dinners to Meals on Wheels recipients throughout Jacksonville. We prepare and serve Christmas dinner at Ronald McDonald House, at a battered women’s shelter, at a veteran’s center and a youth crisis center. We bake dozens and dozens of cookies which we platter and deliver to every fire house and every police station in Duval and St. Johns counties.