Consecration Class 2018 – 2019

We welcome and congratulate these young families!


Paige Brighton, daughter of Joel and Rebekah

Alexis Crownover, daughter of Jason and Michelle

Tristen Findelhoffe, daughter of Louis and Shiera Gilbert

Daltyn Jones, son of Stephen and Meagan

Alexa Kuhbander, daughter of Joshua and Rachel

Lily Kuhbander, daughter of Joshua and Rachel

Elijah Marcus, son of Benjamin and Roxanna

Madison Marengo, daughter of Anthony and Mandy

Poloma Milian, daughter of Tony and Claudia Margolis

Sadie Phipps, daughter of Patrick and Sara

Aiden Volk, son of David and Jill

1st Grade

Judah Algee, son of Kevin and Rachel

David Bahar, son of Rabbi Elizabeth and Uzi

Grant Eisenstatt, Son of Thomas and Rachel

Baylee Findelhoffe, daughter Louis and Shiera Gilbert

Penelope Frus, Daughter of Brian and Stephanie Natale

Nick Hirsch, son of Ben and Laurie

Evie Horne, daughter of Kaitlin Flynn

Braden Kwitkin, son of Brian and Nicole

Grayson Lovoi, son of John and Dana

Naomi Porter, daughter of Steven and Edrea

Levi Rubens, son of Joshua and Cara

Alexis Sandler, daughter of Dan and Rachel

Shayna Zetlan, daughter of Todd and Sherry