Sundays, 9:00 am  Read Hebrew America 

Do you regret never having learned to read Hebrew when you were a child?  Have you forgotten the Hebrew you learned as a child and want a quick and easy refresher?  For the third consecutive year, we will offer Read Hebrew America starting October 23.  

There are two six-week segments to Read Hebrew America.  At the conclusion of the very first session, you will recognize some letters and vowels and be able to read a complete sentence.  By the end of the six sessions, you will be reading short sentences and paragraphs from Mishkan T’filah.  In the second six-week segment, you will improve your reading skills, build competence and confidence. 

When you contact the office let us know if you are interested in attending a preliminary discussion on the course and experience some of the teaching methods used to make you a Hebrew reader. 

Interested in learning to read Hebrew?

Do you know the letters but read more haltingly than you might wish?

Contact Laurie Simmons, Chair of the Adult Education Committee, at

As soon as we have sufficient enrollment, a class will be scheduled.